A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Our Approach

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Our approach is a blended form of several disciplines; client-centered approach, Gestalt, Experiential Learning, Appreciative Inquiry and Action Research. It’s a pragmatic approach based on experiences and team learning with a minimum of abstract models. It is focused on immediate results embedded in an ecological long term change.


The problem is not that we don’t know what to do. The problem is that we do not do what we know. People are in principle able to deal with change adequately and creatively. Every problem is immediately the key to the answer The development of awareness and responsibility are conditions for actively chosen change, the are not a guarantee for it The cause of problems is never only the person nor only the context, but on the contact border between both. Every problematic experienced situation is embedded in the total functioning and life of the person Valuable change projects demand an ecological point of view and ecological responsibility The facilitator is always part of the process. He is instrument of learning


Our approach is based on a combination of principles we learned in different disciplines such as Gestalt, Action Learning, Experiential Learning and can be summarized as “Experiential Learning”. This is based on three basic principles: Experiential: own experiences of the delegates’ practice are central in our approach. The group of delegates is also the learning instrument. Experiences of delegates will be actualized in the group and learning in the here and now is facilitated. Experimental: with experiments close to the reality of the delegates work reality new experiences, mind maps and insights are integrated and valued. Existential: Change comes from the inside. It is a process that is difficult and slow. But it is the only change that will last.


Executive coaching: A long term track with a number of one-on-one formal coaching sessions is offering the most individual and effective way of personal growth to bridge your transition Team Learning workshops: From a one day of to longer tracks with functional teams working in a specific work context and own objectives and measurement for success. Blended Team Learning with Individual Coaching: On a broader organizational level, this format allows the combination or Team Learning over different departments together with Individual Coaching to enhance the personal Learning effect and the peer networking in the organization. Action Research Workshops:

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