Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. - Lao Tzu

Business Seed


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We are a Organizational Development Practice with the focus on Human Performance Improvement. We help organizations, teams and individuals to improve their performance in the organizational context. Our approach is based on Experiential Learning and team learning. We focus on commercials profit organizations since that is the environment where we feel best at. We don’t come with the answers but we will ask the right questions. We provide tools and methodologies to install processes to come to effective answers.

Business Development

In today’s organizations there is no separate sales function anymore. Sales is everywhere and done by everybody at any time. How do you transit your organization towards this Global Sales Culture?.

Leadership Development

There are no bad soldiers, only bad generals. Performance is direct correlated with good leadership. But how do you install a High Performance Leadership Culture?

Team Development

When more than two people have to work together, we call them a TEAM and expect them to work together. In a team other dynamics come to work. How do you make your team a High Performing Team?

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Tel: +32 473 462 376